Shark Week with OMQ

Dun nuh. Dun nuh. The 30th annual Shark Week on American TV has just aired, and it just so happens that Old Master Q is no stranger to great shark encounters. Let’s see what lessons we can learn from some of OMQ and friends’ most memorable encounters.   1) OMQ is Terrified of Sharks Old

Soccer with Old Master Q

Old Master Q is not only a fan of soccer, but he is also a master of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the diverse ways he participates in the world’s biggest sport. Beware, OMQ’s hot-headedness makes him quite prone to committing plenty of fouls and misconduct!   1) Watching the Game

Lightning Lessons

The past couple weeks have been quite stormy, not only in politics, but also with the weather in my area.  The rolling thunder and lightning that come with the rains just makes me want to stay inside and enjoy the show.  But staying inside isn’t the only thing you should try do when there’s lightning.

Old Master Q’s Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, let’s take a look at the type of gifts you’d expect to receive if you lived in Old Master Q’s world. Gifts to Avoid 1) The classic Jack-in-the-Box gift Whether you’re on his naughty list or not, this is one of OMQ’s favorite gifts to give away, especially to unsuspecting ladies. Love

Being Thankful with Old Master Q

This Thanksgiving, I thought I would share a slightly more personal blog post by being thankful for OMQ artist Alfonso Wong’s contributions to my life and our world. First off, I am very fortunate to be one of Mr. Wong’s descendants and I am thankful for having access to so much of his works to

Old Master Q’s Biggest Fears

This Halloween we've compiled a list of Old Master Q's biggest fears. At his most vulnerable moments, OMQ gets freaked out by almost anything! Based on how big his scaredy-cat face gets, and how fast he tries to run away, here are a few of the things that terrify Old Master Q the most!

10 Signs that Old Master Q is a Hipster

Why a hipster? Hipsters are often characterized as individuals who defy mass consumerism and boycott against mainstream culture.  They are making a statement that says, “Hey I’m different from all the basic people out there because I’m cultured and I’m talented in obscure activities!” Here are some of the ironic ways that Old Master Q